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Fred Haynes: The International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation

by Stanley Pranin

Aiki News #85 (Summer 1990)

The following article was prepared with the kind assistance of Steven Miranda of the USA..

On January 1, 1990 the Yoshinkan Aikido Hombu Dojo launched the “International Yoshinkai Aikido Federation.” Our initial reaction at AIKI NEWS to this announcement was one of skepticism based on years of observing the workings of several international Aikido organizations. Many of the problems which have arisen within the different groups have been markedly similar and highly predictable suggesting inherent weaknesses in the structural models adopted thus far. Had the Yoshinkan too fallen prey to the same temptation to seek to bring its worldwide network under a single umbrella without due regard to the realities of individual dojos and instructors? Why had Gozo Shioda Sensei done the “unthinkable” of delegating the delicate mission of creating an organizational structure to a foreigner, Dr. Fred Haynes? Would this radical departure from the traditional martial arts approach to organizations avoid the pitfalls of its predecessors? AIKI NEWS interviewed Dr. Fred Haynes in April in an effort to explore the rationale and planning behind this remarkable new organizational model con