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More on Injuries and Training

by Stanley Pranin

Aiki News #24 (June 1977)

The following article was prepared with the kind assistance of Andrew Read.

Once again in this issue the topic of Aikido injuries is broached. Stuart Robbins, prompted by David Dimmick’s story “Aikido no Hanashi”, has submitted a short, autobiographical essay entitled “Inside the Spinal Crack” (see page 6) which I think you’ll find of interest.

An awareness of the injury potential in Aikido training is essential for all practitioners of the art, especially for teachers. Very few of us as instructors have any medical training to speak of and, consequently, are not really competent to act in an emergency situation involving a training injury. Because of this fact, the Northern California Yudansha Kai recently planned a series of clinics designed to provide advanced students and instructors with basic first aid knowledge to enable them to intelligently handle any eventualities on the mat. These clinics will be held in conjunction with regularly scheduled black belt training sessions and will systematically cover the range of possible injuries and the various body parts. I think that this is a positive first step in dealing with a long-neglected situation.

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