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The following article was prepared with the kind assistance of Joe Sgambellone.

The road to reconstruction for the physically weak people of today lies in Aikido. This is a great truth handed down from the (Universe of) Heaven and Earth. Aikido is the budo (martial art) which opens the road to harmony; it is that which is at the root of the great spirit of reunification of all manifest creation.

The Great Universe embodies all the forces and powers (lit., “the one soul, the four spirits, the 3 origins and the 8 powers”) and from them have come the origins of the human life force. The universe and mankind are as a single body. However, while mankind has the ability to unify with the universe, the fact that he is unable to accomplish this union is his unhappy condition. When a person stands before a shrine and prays his silent prayers it is for no other purpose than to unify himself with the godhead.

The beautiful form of the Universe of Heaven and Earth has become one family made by the Lord.

This world and all of Mother Nature’s greatness are but one. In this unity there is nothing that defines an enemy, nor does it distinguish a friend. We must hope for peaceful and pleasant surroundings where fighting has been forgotten.

The Universe itself, all that is manifested in Mother Nature, can be called “a Crystalization of the Wisdom” or the “United Body of Love”.

Mankind’s role is to fulfill his heaven-sent purpose through a sincere heart that is in harmony with all creation and loves all things. By so doing he fills his days with happiness, and such a life would help those who are weak of body.

30 years ago I was extremely weak of body. At that time I secretly harbored a dream. In this dream I wanted to be the strongest man in all of Japan – no, more than that, in the entire world! I decided I would become the possessor of a martial power unequaled by anyone. With this dream before me I trained severely. One day a navy man confronted me, a person said to be a 7th dan holder in Kendo. Strangely, as I faced him I felt as if my body was surrounded by a shining brightness and I easily secured victory.

After that, however, a conceited feeling was born inside of me, and while walking through a garden I thought that innumerable golden threads came down to me from the universe. Then, a golden light whelmed up from the earth and engulfed me. Eventually I attained a feeling that my body was turned into a body of gold that expanded to universal proportions. Here I felt that the God(s) were chastising me for my ever-growing conceit and I cried tears of gratitude.

In the past, there have been a number of superlative masters of martial arts but we should never forget the great number of them who disappeared on the battlefield of this material world simply for lack of enough training in the true spirit of budo, in sincere love, and in the battle against the self.

Thus, by imbibing the principle of the Universal, and receiving the ki of the Heaven and Earth, when I unified this entire human body, I realized the subtle depth of Aikido that manifests such great power, and attained the principle of oneness with the Universe.

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