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English Aiki News Moves To Bigger Kitchen!

by Diane Bauerle

Aiki News #93 (Fall 1992)

When, with the addition of a fax and the laser printer’s utter usurpation of the kitchen table, the Aiki News English Editorial Office first insinuated itself into my kitchen, I was not too concerned. After all, I hate cooking. The need to prepare food on top of a precariously perched miniature microwave only gave me a better excuse to go out to eat.

As the responsibilities of English Editor were refined and expanded to include design, layout, and pasteup, the floor of my single other room —a tatami-matted all-purpose room, futon neatly stowed by day in the closet—was press-ganged into service as a desk and work space. When working on layouts I would crouch over a table a mere eleven and a half inches above the tatami—good thing I’m used to seiza! Every night I would pile the papers, books, and riles to the side so I could get out my bed.

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