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More Changes At Aiki News

by Diane Bauerle

Aiki News #86 (Fall 1990)

Holiday greetings from all of us here at Aiki News, and apologies for the late arrival of this issue. As you can see, once more big changes are afoot. This is our first issue printed in the United States by Boyd Printing Company of Albany, New York, a company which seems to have a very Japanese philosophy; their commitment is to providing a quality product with the very best service. There will be several advantages to this switch: first and foremost, the savings in mailing costs and the hastening of delivery of each issue to you. Naturally, such a change is time-consuming at the outset, so between this switch and the frenzy of activity associated with getting The Aiki News Encyclopedia of Aikido finished, we are late. We will, barring natural catastrophe (not unknown in Japan), resume a new and regular schedule with the Winter/Spring issue, which should reach you towards the end of March, 1991. Thanks for bearing with us.

You will also notice a change in the appearance of this issue. New paper, and a new size affect the overall feel of a magazine. Since we designed this issue in the old format, there may be a few peculiarities in balance, which will be rectified in future issues. Rest assured that any oddities are merely temporary and due to the dislocation of the move. But you can take advantage of our fluid state to let us know what you think the magazine should look like. Do our new livelier layouts inspire you? Or do you prefer a more conservative look, a la a scholarly journal? Many of our readers have remarked that there isn’t anything quite like Aiki News. Help us keep it that way by sending us your comments.

This issue was produced in the rare spare moments when we were not working on the Encyclopedia, but despite our divided attentions, and thanks to our Japanese editorial staff who picked up a lot of the slack, we have been able once again to assemble a unique selection of articles, interviews and translations. In addition to our regular features and continuing series we have added not one, not two, but three new technical sections which are sure to include something for everyone. Illustrated technical explanations by Daito-ryu Menkyo Kaiden Takuma Hisa have been unearthed in the pages of the pre-war Shin Budo magazine, and we will be publishing these over the next few issues. We are also beginning a series of techniques demonstrated by Yoshinkan founder, Gozo Shioda, one of the last of the “grand old men” of aikido. The most unique and exciting of the new technical features, however, is “Aikido Techniques Compared,” in which we present the results of a survey of the very top teachers of different styles of aikido and Daito-ryu. Each of these experts comment on shomenuchi ikkyo as they teach it, with pointers for both beginners and advanced students. The presentation of variant terminology, ways of execution, and philosophical perspectives will aid practitioners of any style in communicating with those of other styles, and will enhance understanding of the history and technical development of aikido.