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World Aikido Directory

Aiki News #37 (June 1981)

Aiki News World Aikido Dojo Directory

The AIKI NEWS staff has recently completed its largest undertaking thus far consisting of the compilation of a “World Aikido Dojo Directory” the first edition of which includes approximately one thousand entries from more than 30 countries. This project was made feasible as a result of the acquisition of a Radio Shack TRS-8O Model 1 computer and a word processing program called “Scripsit”. This, we believe, represents a first in the Aikido world in that we know of no other attempt to compile and maintain a dojo listing on a global scale.

It is hard to gauge the importance of the availability of such a directory, however, there can be no question that the opportunity for communications among dojos and individuals on an international scale now exists for the first time. No effort has been made in this listing to segregate or exclude any group due to style, loyalty, or any other consideration which could be termed “political”. The only loose criterion for inclusion has been that the origin of the art practiced by the dojo in question can in some way, how ever indirectly, be traced back to Morihei Ueshiba and his teachings. We shall leave the processes of categorization and exclusion to those who find such activity of value.

The project in itself was a fascinating one in that it involved the collection of addresses from diverse sources in several different languages. The problem of a format which would be at the same time useful and easy to consult was of the highest concern and we eventually settled on a classification scheme according to country (and, in the case of the United States and Canada, a sub-category according to state and province, respectively) containing alphabetical listings by city name set apart in the left margin for easy access. This allows a person interested in determining the location of a dojo in any country represented to first find the alphabetized country name positioned in the upper right hand corner of the page and then quickly scans through for the name of the appropriate city. Wherever possible, the telephone number of the dojo and names of instructors have also been included.

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