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Our First Bilingual Issue

Aiki News #30

by Stanley Pranin

The Practical Application of Aikido Technique

Published Online

by Charles McCarty

Morihei Ueshiba and the Omoto Religion

Published Online

by Stanley Pranin

Interview with Stanley Pranin

by Joran Fagerlund

Available Languages: English Deutsch Português

Fudoshin and Zanshin: Psychological Elements of Budo

Shudokan Martial Arts Association Newsletter

by Brett Denison

Available Languages: English Pyccĸий

Relevance Of Aikido Techniques In Today’s World

Aiki News #87

by Stanley Pranin

Remembering Minoru Mochizuki Sensei

Published Online

by Patrick Augé

Available Languages: English Français

Aikido Comes To America

Journal of Combative Sport

by Joseph R. Svinth

Available Languages: English Español

Founder of Aikido (01): Divine Technique of No-Self

Aiki News #30

by Kisshomaru Ueshiba

Available Languages: English Español Français