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Dojo as a Cultural Center (1)

Aikido Journal #111

by Jay Gluck

Journey to the Aikido Humanitarian Active Network

by Gaku Homma

Available Languages: English Português Brasileiro

Self-defense: defense against one’s self

Published Online

by Lynn Seiser

Available Languages: English Español Română Pyccĸий

Okinawan Koryu Karate

Aiki News #98

by Kenji Ushiro

Available Languages: English Deutsch

Morihei Ueshiba, Founder Of Aikido (11)

Aiki News #82

by Kanemoto Sunadomari

Autobiographical article (2): Koichi Tohei - Training in Japan

Published Online

by Stanley Pranin

Available Languages: English Français

A Conversation with Daito-ryu’s Other Child

Aikido Journal #101

by Ellis Amdur

Interview with Katsuyuki Kondo (1)

Published Online

by Stanley Pranin

Sokaku Takeda Biography (5)

Aiki News #78

by Tokimune Takeda