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Enlightenment Through Aikido

Book Summary:

Enlightenment through Aikido is a collection of essays drawn from Kanshu Sunadomari's Aiki Manseido Hombu dojo newsletter between 1992 and 2001. Each essay is followed by a short aphorism (headed "Furimiru) and dated. The essays are liberally interspersed with black and white photographs of O-Sensei and Sunadomari Sensei (often together). Many quotes from O-Sensei are also included, both prefacing and in the body of essays.

The main focus of most of the essays is that O-Sensei created Aikido to be as much or more a spiritual practice as a matrial art, and that Sunadomari Sensei considers it his duty to pass this on. In discussing the spiritual aspects of Aikido, Sunadomari Sensei uses referents of Christian rather than Japanese theology. Some chapters present anecdotes about O-Sensei and Sunadomari Sensei (and a small number of others), although these are usually in service of Sunadomari Sensei's goal of stressing that Aikido should be practiced as a path to self- and world- enlightenment.

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