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Bruce Tegner's Complete Book of Aikido and Hold's And Locks

  • Bruce Tegner
  • Bantam Books (also Grosset & Dunlap and Thor Publishing) (1970)
  • ISBN 0874075076
  • 253 pages
  • Technical

Book Summary:

There are numerous incarnations of this book, with different publishers and different covers, all from the early to mid 70's. The book is typical Tegner fare, with ample illustrations showing aiki-like techniques. Also in this book are descriptions and photos of Aikido joint locks and pins used in practical self-defense situations.

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Review by: Mark Harrell

I bought this book way back in the 1970's and enjoyed the material covered.

I would give this book a 4 star rating considering the historical context of the 1970's and what was available in the USA at that time.

Although Bruce Tegner was a controversial figure during the 60's and 70's he did present numerous books on arts such as: Kung Fu, JuJitsu, Jukado, Savate and self defense. Mr Tegner was a cross trainer before that term was even invented and because of his unorthodox and non-classical approach he was not well liked by the martial arts establishment at that time.

It is a shame that Bruce Tegner is pretty much forgotten and unappreciated for his contributions to the American martial arts community.

Rest in peace Tegner Sensei.

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