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Book of Ki: Coordinating Mind and Body in Daily Life

Book Summary:

Book of Ki: Co-ordinating Mind and Body in Daily Life, published in 1976, marks one of Koichi Tohei's Sensei's first post-Aikikai attempts to present his ideas about Ki, specifically in terms of an energy that can be useful outside the practice of Aikido itself. Although Aikido is mentioned frequently, the book includes no description of Aikido techniques per se, although many of the stretching and Ki development exercises are those found in the Ki Society curriculum. Ki development is represented through descriptions matched with either black and white photographs (some including Tohei himself, then just over 50 years old) or black and white line drawings in the style of simple manga.

Beginning with chapters defining Ki and the principles of mind-body unification, the majority of the book is spent attempting to show how Ki can be used to improve many facets of daily life by "becoming strong." As well as some general pointers, this includes an eclectic blend of particular situations in which Ki development can be used: "how to cure whiplash," "how to stay calm in front of people," "how to sleep soundly," "how to overcome disease," "how to improve your luck in gambling," how to raise your handicap in golf," "how to raise a strong child," and "how to gain sexual strength."

Rounding out the book are two chapters on Tohei Sensei's personal history and his teaching of Ki development around the world. The personal history section includes a very brief mention of Tohei Sensei's reasons for leaving Aikikai to found the Ki Society. Although it is probably best categorised as a 'technical' book, it includes many personal anecdotes.

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