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This is Aikido

Book Summary:

This book was first published in August 1968 as “This is Aikido” and reissued in 1974 as “This is Aikido With Mind and Body Coordinated” for use as a technical instruction manual for the Ki no Kenkyukai (Ki Society). Note that First Printings are quite scarce, and appear with Tohei's ranking as "9th Dan". Some subsequent printings with rank upgraded to "10th Dan" still claim to be "First Printing", but this is erroneous. There exist for this book other errata with regard to printing hierarchy. The book is a large (12 by 8 ½ inches) hardcover illustrated with about 1,000 photos and drawings.

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Review by: Howard Givney

The first Aikido book I ever read! This is an excellent book, the pictures are clear and the descriptions of technique are good and concise.

There is an emphasis on "KI" that is a bit esoteric and hard to follow if you are a beginner. However this does nothing to detract from the usefulness of the book.

The standard techniques are in here Ikkyo, Nikyo, Sankyo etc. and the basic principles of Irimi and Tenkan are clearly explained and shown through photographs.

Of special interest is the fact that Tohei maintains an excellent posture throughout his demonstrations and you can clearly see how a technique is constructed. He also shows self-defence applications and discusses how to maintain a central calm in the face of aggression.

A book that should be in your collection, it is ideal for reminding you for what you should be striving for

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Review by: nev

A good book. Usually technical manuals are inane, often irrelevant and sometimes the publisher mixes the photos out of sequence.

Not so this one. As far as Aikido technical manuals goes, it is one of the best, published in an era when publishers cared about correctness, detail and precision and took pride in publishing.

Also it contains Tohei sensei's bright outlook on life and positive philosphy in the text.

A treasured item.

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