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Budo: Teachings of the Founder of Aikido

Book Summary:

Budo, the only manual produced by O Sensei, was published before the war, in 1938, but he strictly limited its distribution. Around 1990, the Ueshiba family decided to publish this book. Then Doshu Kishomaru Ueshiba added a biography of O Sensei. Also added were a collection of photos of O Sensei demonstrating technique in 1936 at the Noma Dojo. The text is translated by John Stevens.

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Review by: Neil Raj Singh

This is a very well presented book that contains rare photographs of the great O'Sensei Ueshiba demonstrating Aikido. It also contains a summary of valuable information on the history and development of Aikido. Truly a well prepared and summarized book.

A must for anyone interested in the Aikido martial art.

Kind Regards,

Neil Singh.

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