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Iron Balls and Elbow Power

Book Summary:

This is a book of attitudes and training techniques, more toward the philosophy of Aikido, rather than the physical. The author makes use of ficticious characters in the descriptions of training with ideal (and less-than-ideal) attitudes.

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Review by: Rana Dutta

For every aikido practitioner it is a manual to improve their art. Be it a long time practitioner or just a beginner.

I have received this book as a gift from Sensei Terry Ezra and this book is written on his unique style of Aikido.

Aikido’s most important exercises are explained in this book. Practicing these simple yet fundamental exercises can change any body’s aikido completely. This book is full of tips to improve your aikido more effective and effortless.

Moreover, this is not a work of fiction the author has practiced this style for many years and experienced the changes. The characters are fictitious and that makes this book more interesting.

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