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Martial Arts: The Spiritual Dimension

Book Summary:

Although not purely Aikido, this book is included because of the Aikido training of the author (from Kanetsuka and Chiba Senseis), and because the book explores the aspects that many feel sets Aikido apart from other budo... the philosophy and spiritual components. Many references are made to O'Sensei, Kisshomaru Doshu, Saito Sensei and others. Well illustrated.

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Review by: John Porter

This is an excellent connection between the athletic martial artist and the unseen. The physical movements of martial arts are duplicated throughout nature. Meditation can connect the mind to nature and help you understand the movements. It is the awareness of the movement, the principles of movement, that connect you to the universe. This work doesn't seem to conflict with our various religions. To me, it helps reinforce the unity of basic principles, connecting movement to the life force. The book does it all with still photos, beautiful photos.

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