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Combat Aikido

Book Summary:

(From the Publisher) "Combat Aikido is term used to describe a hybrid of traditional Aikido which breaks the art form down to its martial roots. It disregards some of the philosophy and many of the less effective techniques of traditional Aikido, concentrating instead on only on the martial application of the art form. Combat Aikido is a training manual for anyone seeking to learn a realistic form of the martial art of Aikido. Combat Aikido techniques are only those which will work in real fights where there are no rules and losing is not an option. Combat Aikido explains only practical Aikido techniques in an in depth and easy to learn and easy to understand format. This book is written and designed to be used by those with no prior martial arts training. Its down to earth, practical application of the art of Aikido will benefit those with years of formalized training as well."

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Review by: Steve Guttenburg

I found this book very useful to my ever expanding understanding of aikido. The techniques are oversimplified and the aikido in this book is far from traditional aikido. In addition, there are also no pictures of the techniques, just descriptions. Overall, I would recommend this book to all aikidoists. Despite its departure from traditional aikido and instructional manuals, it is a great learning tool. It presents aikido as it works in real life, not just in the dojo.

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Review by: Akatsuki Sakiyama

First I Noticed the cover includes a drawing by Oscar and Adele from their Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere classic book. Why use a picture representing traditional Aikido on the cover of a book that prompts readers to believe it's something different than traditional aikido, that has been diluted and broken down for the less than competent deshi to understand. Learning by text without traditional hands-on instruction by a competent instructor is a fallacy at best, and a grevous lie at worst. Having trained in traditional Aikido styles of Yoshinkan and Aikikai for over three decades, I didn't read anything that hasn't been taught before. Even the name is erroneous. When O-sensei taught his Aikido as a martial method he called it Aikibudo. Aikido in its current evolution (de-evolution?) by the founder's grandson Moriteru, makes the claim to be combat effective.

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