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Aikido: Harmony and Relationship - The Art of Perception in a Practice of Peace

Book Summary:

The path proposed here is the search for harmony between our interior life and the exterior life. A path that helps us to confront ourselves with the conflicts and the struggles,through the Art of Perception in a practice of Relationship and Peace. The volume (with a DVD included) is provided with more than three hundred images complement the books practical descriptions . It is not a manual of techniques, but an innovative proposal of how to use the Art of the Perception to overcome the interior and social conflicts through Aikido, a practice of Relationship and Peace.

The first chapter describes for the first time, the practice of Kenkodo (the way of health), in the second chapter the proposal to make the perceptive experiences in the practice of Aikido, the art of harmony, in a truly non conflictual way, in tuning with the philosophy of the founder of the Art of the Peace. Finally, the testimonies of Iris Scanlon (Aikido and children), Adriano Turi (Aikido and disability), Marco Zaccagnini (Aikido and management).

The DVD contains video clips that bring to life the concepts described in the book and includes three parts: 1) A Presentation. 2) KENKODO, “The way of health”, with Kenko Taiso, Ki MusubiNoGyo, Preparation to Kokyu Ho, Seitai Ho, Sotai Ho, 3) AIKIDO, "The way of harmony" with the Hitori Waza sequence and all the 33 Tsuzukiwaza. The book/DVD set is distributed in the USA by

The author's profile:

Giuseppe Ruglioni SHIHAN, was born in Bogotà (Colombia) in 1953 and graduated in Modern History at the Faculty of Humanities of Florence. At the time of writing, he holds the ranks of Okuden and Rokudan (6th Dan) in Ki Aikido and is considered among the major European exponents of this discipline. In addition to managing and teaching at the KI DOJO in Florence, he regularly holds seminars in Italy, Europe, Russia, South America and South Africa.

He started Aikido with André Noquet and with Hirokazu Kobayashi. In 1978, after meeting with Koichi Tohei Sensei, he became his student, attending his lessons in Japan and in Europe. When Kenjiro Yoshigasaki Sensei arrived in Europe,also in 1978, he started to follow in his footsteps with passion and now assists him with the teaching in his organization. He has taught Ki Aikido in the “Special School for Rehabilitation Therapists” at the University of Florence . He is a member of the National Technical Committee of Ki-Aikido A.D.O. UISP sector. He is the author of the book “Unification mind-body and Ki Aikido” which has been translated in different languages: English, Hungarian, German, Dutch, Spanish and Russian.

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