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Aikido: A Beginner's Guide

Book Summary:

All the major aspects of Aikido techniques are clearly laid out in this beautiful beginner's guide book to Aikido. Beautifully illustrated with over 100 photographs and using a clever "page per topic" format, it's ideal for the newcomer to the martial arts or for those just curious about Aikido or self defence.

Great value and highly recommended by some of the most senior Aikido practitioners in Europe. Nicely presented in a sophisticated A4 "Coffee Table Book" style.

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Review by: Rob Gaitau

I really enjoyed this book. It is nicely written in very plain English; it not only covers all the main aspects of Aikido from a beginner's perspective but also has enough additional information (including a fascinating piece on the symbolism of triangle/circle/square) to keep the more experienced practitioner interested.

Lots of really nice black and white photographs which show quite clearly all the key shapes and a comprehensive glossary to help with Anglo-Japanese translations!

Highly recommended - one of the best value dollar-for-dollar Aikido books around.

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