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Enter into Aikido

Book Summary:

(From the Publisher) "Enter Into Aikido" is a great resource for potential students and beginners who want to learn more about the art of Aikido. David Nemeroff covers a wide variety of topics, including what to look for in a school, lineage and legitimacy in the martial arts, dojo etiquette, and what to expect from Aikido training. Additionally, the reader can find information about Aikido's history, philosophical concepts, as well as a description of various styles of Aikido. Personal stories from the author and other Aikido students add insight and interest to the text. 'Enter into Aikido' is an essential guide for any beginner and a valuable reference for aikido-ka of all skill levels.

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Review by: Ryan M.

What set this book apart for me from other martial arts reference materials was threefold - thorough, personal and humble. Its thoroughness is evident from the beginning. Mr. Nemeroff wrote a book that is not only useful for newcomers curious about the martial arts (regardless of age), but also those with years of experience looking to take their training to a new physical and spiritual level. If you doubt his thoroughness, pick up a copy and turn to the section that deals with dojo etiquette regarding dojo cleanup after a lesson (I was more than sold by this point).

I've read martial arts materials that cover history, lineage and technique (and this book does all that). What this writer does that many do not, is share his journey into martial arts and how it has changed his life. I think what many people are looking for in a dojo these days, is a headmaster that is not only knowledgeable and skilled, but also someone they can connect to on a personal level. This book proves that Mr. Nemeroff is that teacher.

What makes this text an experience in humility, is Mr. Nemeroff's own admission that this martial arts journey is not just the readers, but his own as well. Despite his considerable skill (I have seen first hand), he is the first to admit his skill is always improving. He doesn't sit on a pedestal watching his students from afar, he works with them and asks them to work with him.

This is an individual who cares about martial arts and every one of his students. When I'm away from the dojo for any length of time, he will send an e-mail, or call to see how I'm doing. I have friends who do less!

A great book written by a great person!

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