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The Way of Aiki: A Path of Unity, Confluence and Harmony

Book Summary:

Aikido goes beyond martial arts: it does not only resolve conflict in a constructive way but it also develops our intuition. It gives us an insight that changes old paradigms and transforms our current vision of the world, our mind and spirit, through the practice of harmonious universal movements developed by its Founder, Kaiso Sensei Morihei Ueshiba. It is through its physical training system that Aikido helps us to get the technology we need to improve our lives by using unity, confluence and harmony (Aiki). The way of Aiki is a path intended to prepare us to avoid destructive actions in order to find the value and possibilities it offers in order to develop an Aiki culture. This book presents basic information derived from the great master’s teachings that might have been forgotten or neglected throughout the years of its expansion.

Jose Carlos Escobar, MA. (philosophical anthropology), is an old student of Yutaka Kurita Shihan, a direct disciple of the Founder of Aikido. When they met in 1980 Escobar was introduced to Aiki for the first time. He holds a rank of fourth-degree black belt and he offers this book for your consideration and as a reference to teachings he has learned from his devoted instructor, an earnest follower of this way of life.

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