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Kodo: Ancient Ways

Book Summary:

(the following text is taken from the author's web site):

In the forty-one essays included in this book, you will find that these lessons are inspired from the teachings and wisdom of the ancients. I hope these little bits of wisdom will inspire and guide you, in some way, in your training and in your life as they have inspired and sustained me over many, many years.

This book is a compilation of articles written between 1988 and 1995 as the "Ancient Ways" column in Martial Arts Training magazine.

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Review by: Ze'ev Erlich - Israeil Aikido Association (Aikikai) Aikikan Dojo

One day one of my students gave me the book "Kodo: Ancient Ways". I took a look at it and ask to borrow it for a while. That night I could not stop reading it. The author - Rev. Kensho Furuya sensei gives in this book a splendid gift to everyone who is interested in Aikido beyond its physical aspects. Many chapters in Kodo are a subject to conversations at our dojo. Many chapters are answers to questions that students and friends ask me.

Kodo is a book I will always keep with me. After reading Kodo, I began to look for the author. I wrote him an e-mail and I discovered a wonderful person. Kensho Furuya Sensei - The head of Aikido Center of Los Angeles, since that day taught me so much. His daily writings are great lessons to many Aikidoka all over the world. You can read his writings at:

Although it has no aikido techniques in it, it is my favorite Aikido book.

Enjoy it.

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