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Aikido: Tradition and the New Tomiki Free Fighting Method

Book Summary:

The author, who holds 6th Dan in Tomiki Aikido and high rank in several other martial arts, presents the basics of Tomiki-ryu waza, with photos and text. Coverage of each technique is minimal, but a large number of techniques are covered in the book. Defense against kicks and knife attacks are included, and there is a long section on promotion requirements.

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Review by: Kirk Rains

Another fine book if you are looking for a more self-defensive style of Aikido. I found Shioda’s and Tomiki’s styles are more towards self-defense. The copy I have lacks the more formal style of publication; it is a bit Xerox-ish. However, it is written in an easy to read format with some good pictures. My initial impression, as a recent novice aikidoka, is to become familiar with the different styles of Aikido no matter which style is your primary. You can’t go wrong.

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