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Black Belt Master Course in Nihon Goshin Aikido, The

Book Summary:

This book is a technical description of many of the waza of the Nihon Goshin system, which developed, not out of O'Sensei's Aikido, but parallel to it, also from Daito Ryu Aikijutsu. Founded by Shodo Morita Sensei, a student of Yoshiro Kotaro Sensei, Nihon Goshin Aikido was first brought to America in the 60's by Richard Bowe Sensei.

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Review by: dominick robbolino

ive studied nihon goshin aikido for 14 years. I now teach an adult class 4 times a week in east keansburg nj.our classes are right out of this book. we even had sensei kopatov come to our dojo several years ago for a seminar.some of the photos or drawings are a little difficult to understand because of poor quality. but if you have a working knowledge of the move the photos are a good reference.i often refer to the book before a class and build a class out of one or two moves. I have several copies of this book 2 at home,1 in the car, 1 inthe work truck.Never bored always can take a few minutes to check out a move. Ive read the book cover to cover many times and always find something new. it my bible Sensei Dominick Robbolino

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