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Way of Aikido: Life Lessons from an American Sensei, The

Book Summary:

1st Penguin/Plume SC printing 2000. Previously printed HB 1999 by Dutton (ISBN#0525944133). In this book George Leonard applies ancient techniques, physical and spiritual, to the battles we wage every day in both our public and private lives. Along the way, Leonard shows us unique and effective ways to:

- cope with sudden, often brutal, setbacks in our lives--and turn them into gifts for growth

- develop ki, or positive energy, to enhance vitality

- use the aikido principle of "blending" to deal with verbal and psychological attacks

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Review by: Arjan de Vries

An easy to read book by George Leonard (5th dan Aikido), even for non-native English speakers. It contains a lot of metaphors for aikido and life. The author has a lot of experience and writes in a gentle way. He tries to tell how he converts aikido on the mat to aikido off the mat.

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Review by: Kirk Rains

A fun read. It was one of the first books I read about Aikido. Loved his stories and how he applies it to his daily life. I encourage beginners give it try.

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