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Aikido: A Supplement to Dojo Training

Book Summary:

Very little info is available about this book, although there is data to suggest it may have been published more than once. If you have a copy, please expand on the info here, or contact with details.

Updated information furnished by the author in August, 2011:

Nbr of Pages: 150

Size: 8-1/2” by 11”

Illustrations: Drawings taken from actual student photos

You were correct in identifying it as possibly published as two different versions. The first time it was written for students attending aikido college courses only. The second one was revised to be suitable for all aikido students in an American dojo. A third one is being written.

This book was written at a time when very few books on aikido were available. And of those that existed, it was very difficult to follow the technical aspects of the techniques at that time. This book was written to assist all students of aikido in their first and second year of practice. The book is divided into two main bodies of focus.

The first section guides the aikido student in understanding the dojo environment, glossary, protocols, philosophy, history, and the culture. It is presented in a manner that conveys aikido as a practice of a balanced yet, dynamic life. There are examples of differences among dojos in the practice of many things such as the starting procedures of class, requirements of rank examinations, the wearing of the hakima, and many others.

The second section illustrates in great detail, the steps of applying dozens of techniques, beginning with “katate-tori ikkyo”. Each “Partner Practice Series” is spelled out to define feet and hands placement, direction, degrees and angles, and timing of movement. It was among the first books to show aikido in a technical format. Although the author firmly believes aikido must be dynamic and free flowing, it is necessary to have some degree of structure so a beginning student can have a solid infrastructure from which to build. This technical section follows the “Enter by form” concept. It was also one of the first books to indicate details of what Uke could do in order to receive the aikido technique in a safer manner.

2011 UPDATED INFORMATION: Although this book is out of print, the author intends to write a revised and expanded edition. The revised edition will be much larger and will enhance the technical “Partner Practice Series” to include advanced concepts to go beyond technique. This will invite students to come back to review their techniques as they advance in skills over the years and wish to “remove form” and enhance their flow. This writing is anticipated to be completed in 2015.

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