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Aikido: Principles of Kata and Randori

Book Summary:

From the Tomiki or Fugakukai perspective, this book is a technical summary of Aikido training, with emphasis on the Kata/Randori methodologies. Sparingly illustrated.

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Review by: Stephen Gegner

I first entered the Aikido dojo(s) in the mid-70’s but was unable to continue after about a year of training. Years passed... Then in January of 2004, I re-entered the dojo and began training in earnest. Our dojo is independent, practicing the Fugakukai style developed by Karl Geis Shihan.

This book is a technical book on the Fugakukai style, and is very helpful to we novices. Furthermore, it gives just enough history and philosophy of Aikido to inform us and keep us interested. The instructional text and the very good illustrations enable us to memorize and practice the basics (away from the dojo) - from falling, to the “walk”, to the eight basic releases, to the seventeen basic techniques, etc., that are at the core of this style.

Granted, a book is no substitute for training under a qualified sensei, but this is an excellent little book that can help us along in our training. I recommend it highly, especially to Fugakukai and Tomiki style aikidoka.

Steve Gegner (San Kyu)

Marietta, OH

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