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Leadership Aikido

Book Summary:

A discussion of Aikido principles applied to business, "which can bring beliefs, perceptions, and actions into harmony and lead us down a path of continuous learning, inner personal change, and enlightened leadership." The author defines Aikido leadership as turning conflict into harmony. Other topics are finding your balance, self-knowledge, the art of planning, the language of mastery, value-driven decisions, turning failure into success, and heeding the law of unintended consequences. The author's discussion of Aikido focuses on general principles and exercises designed for business executives.

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Review by: kevin barone

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. So much so that as soon as I returned it to the library, I went to amazon to purchase a copy for my shelf, so I can loan it out to others.

The subject matter was a perfect blend of aikido philosophy with the realities of the business world. As an entrepreneur starting my 3rd company and working hard to build a harmonious values based culture, this book validated my intentions and offered many wonderful insights.

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