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Shoji Nishio: Nishio Aikido, Vols. 1 & 2
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Shoji Nishio: Nishio Aikido, Vols. 1 & 2 ($29.95)

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  • Shoji Nishio
  • Aikido Journal (2004)
  • 82 min., color
  • DVD-R, Instructional

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Gyakuhanmi Katatedori / Aihanmi Katatedori

Shoji Nishio Sensei is one of aikido’s most innovative teachers incorporating elements from his extensive experience in judo, karate, iaido, and jojutsu in his martial-oriented interpretation of aikido. Nishio Sensei has also developed an elaborate series of bokken, jo, and iaido variations of key techniques as part of his comprehensive system. Each DVD in this series two remastered programs from our Nishio video series from 1996-97. The visual quality of these DVDs is outstanding!

Part one covers the complete series of gyakuhanmi katatedori techniques. The techniques demonstrated include: kaitennage, ikkyo, nikyo, sankyo, shihonage, yonkyo, iriminage, kotegaeshi, sotomakikomi.

Part two of the Nishio Aikido videotape collection covers the entire aihanmi katatedori series in great depth. The following techniques are demonstrated and explained: joho kaiten, ikkyo, shihonage, nikyo, iriminage, kotegaeshi, sankyo.

Complete English voiceovers of all Japanese explanations.

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