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Mindanao Aikido Propagation Center (MAPC)

Instructor:Sensei Alexander Y. Javier
Style:Aikikai, PAPA
C/O Axis Gym, Roxas Street, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines
Cagayan de oro city, Misamis Oriental ,9000

MAPC was founded in a time when Aikido was a budding martial art newly introduced in the Philippines by Mr. Benjamin Galarpe. After MAPC's establishment in 1971 under a different name, the organization has undergone major changes that significantly contributed to its development and evolution.
MAPC was originally known as the Cagayan de Oro Branch of the Manila Aikido Club (MAC). MAC -Cagayan de Oro started with only three students.. As the Aikido art obtained increasing popularity among Filipinos, the average number of students rose to 15 a month.
When Ceferino Valdez Sensei succeeded Sensei Templanza in 1972 as President of the MAC, he changed the name of the national organization to Philippine Aikikai. MAC-Cagayan de Oro was changed to Philippine Aikikai - Cagayan de Oro. Ten years later, in December 1982, John Tenegara Sensei became the President of the Philippine Aikikai. Upon his assumption to the post, he changed the name of the national organization to Pilipinas Aikido Propagation Association (PAPA). Philippine Aikikai-Cagayan de Oro became the Mindanao Aikido Propagation Association (MAPA). But it was in 1989 when the name MAPC was coined to replace MAPA.

Vision-Mission of the Organization. The Mindanao Aikido Propagation Center (MAPC) is an institution committed to the fulfillment of O' Sensei's dream of promoting peace and harmony in the world by teaching individuals to become better people with a refined wisdom and self-control.
 In achieving this vision-mission, MAPC is committed to teach individuals the techniques of Aikido and keep their spirit receptive to the deeper meaning behind the techniques. This meaning of promoting peace and harmony is anchored on the moral responsibility of each individual not to injure or harm his fellowmen.
MAPC Today and Beyond. More than three decades have passed and MAPC continues to tread the path towards its collective ends. Thanks to all its members who keep the fire of commitment kindle through the years. This burning desire to become instruments for the realization of O' Sensei' s dream of promoting peace and harmony in the world was contributory to the organization's stability and rich history.
As it has been for more than thirty years, MAPC continues to teach men and women the principles of Aikido. Classes are held daily at its dojo in Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao, Philippines. Invitations for demonstrations are received ocassionally by the Center. Recently, MAPC started two special programs: Aikido Training for the Police Officers of Cagayan de Oro City and the first ever Martial Arts Festival conducted in Cagayan de Oro City.
The journey towards its goals may be bumpy but MAPC was able to rise over the seemingly unsurpassable tight situations it experienced all through the years because of the members' assiduousness to the art and with each other. More than three decades have passed and MAPC is continually striving to get from where they are right now into where they would like to go. An endless cycle indeed. . . .