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Shizendo Aiki-waza

Instructor:Hideo Kimura
Country:United States
Soto Mission of Hawaii Dojo, 1708 Nuuanu Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
Phone:(808) 537-6954

The Shizendo Kanno Kanwa Kai rents dojo space from the Soto Mission of Hawaii Church located at 1708 Nuuanu Avenue as part of the Young Buddhists Association budo arts program. Two Shizendo classes: Shizendo Kakki-ho (wellness through Ki) class & the Shizendo Aiki-waza class are held there.
The Kakki-ho Class meets from 6 to 7 p.m. Tuesdays & Thursdays & features Ki therapy exercises & arts for lay persons interested in learning hands-on Ki balancing techniques toward taking more responsibility for their own wellness. Some Aikido-Ki aspects are ;included, although it is not a self-defense class.
The Shizendo Aiki-waza is patterned somewhat like the soft styles of Tohei-sensei. However, beyond that much research & experimentation is done with the theme: "maximum efficiency of movement with a minimum of musce tension" & how beyond a certain point, the development of an intuitive sense is necessary.
Shizendo Ki Kinesiology Research is the method used by Shizendo founder & director Hideo Kimura who began Aikido in 1956 as a member of Hombu-affiliated Hawaii Aiki Kai & was awarded 4th dan. During the Seventies when the Doshu-Tohei split occured, he joined Tohei-sensei's Ki Society where he was awarded the rank of Ki Lecturer. He established dojos in Hana, Maui; Waiahole, Oahu; Wake Island (under FAA); Kapaa, Kauai; & Honolulu. He taught summer Aikido at the University of Hawaii, Manoa in 1966;
He resigned from the Hawaii Ki Society in 1983 to pursue a second career (He retired as a school principal) in wellness education to discover more about why conventional healing interventiosn did not work on him. He became licensed as a massage therapist & experimented with many natural health methods which he found much more effective. He established Shizendo Kanno Kanwa Kai (translated: Shizendo Functional Relaxation Program) in 1983 with the sub-components of Kakki-ho & Aiki-waza.
The Aiki-waza portion (known also as "sliding hands Aikido") is not intended primarily as a martial art, but more of a movement re-education class using modified Aikido techniques. Through his 20+ years of research into muscle energy monitoring, Instructor Kimura has developed several Ki-oriented arts for exploring one's fuller human potential.