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Kiryukan Dojo

Instructor:Reynaldo Asperin III
No. 126 10th St., Cubao,
Quezon City , Metro Manila

Kiryukan Dojo has its roots in the Coke Dojo on UN Avenue which was founded in 1988 by Ma. Lourdes (Mariel) Macapawa (5th dan), one of the most senior aikidoka in the country. This dojo eventually became known as Takemusu Dojo.

In 1997, Mariel Sensei left for Davao, where she continues to teach aikido. She passed on the leadership of the dojo to her senior student, Rey Asperin. The dojo is now affiliated with Hidaka Dojo in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, which is led by Kenji Kumagai shihan (7th dan). The two dojos conduct an exchange program to deepen the Filipinos’ level of technical expertise. Kumagai shihan visits Manila once a year to hold a seminar, and our senior blackbelts have undergone intensive training in his dojo in Japan. To honor our connection with Kumagai Shihan, the dojo has been renamed “Kiryukan,”or “house where ki flows”—a name suggested by Mr.Kumagai himself.

During the past 18 years, the Dojo has been housed in various locations, including the Isabel Building on Espana, across from UST, the Puzon building on E. Rodriguez Avenue, Doña M. Hemady St., and the Asperin residence on Lourdes Castillo St. near the Welcome Rotonda. From 2000 to 2003 it was located at the COD building in Cubao. From 2003-2006, it was at the Fitness Advantage Gym on the 14th floor of the ABS-CBN 9501 building. The Dojo has been at its present location, No. 126 10th St., Cubao since March 2006.

Reynaldo Asperin III began his aikido instruction in 1989 at the age of 15 under Mariel Macapawa (5th dan). When Mariel sensei relocated to Davao in late 1997, Rey inherited the name of the dojo, and consequently the responsibility of Head Instructor.

He is currently recognized as one of the top aikido teachers in the country. Rey is also the aikido coach at the International School. In 2002, he began to train under Kenji Kumagai Shihan, who began to deepen his understanding of aikido principles. In 2005, Rey underwent his sandan (third dan) exam in Wakayama, Japan. In 2006 and 2007 he was also fortunate enough to be able return to Japan to continue training in Wakayama, Kobe and Osaka. CLICK HERE

He is also a first dan blackbelt in judo. He was trained by Robert Divina (6th dan), former national champion in the lightweight division and former coach of the national judo team, and Espiridion Heceta III (4th dan).

This year Rey also became a practitioner of mugai ryu Iado under the kind guidance of Jep Palo.