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aikido dojo of self defense

Instructor:sensei thomas hamilton
Style:nihon goshin aikido
Country:United States
tri states dojo /ny,nj,pa border
86 shinhollow road, port jervis 12771
Website:facebook /aikido dojo tommy hamilton

traditional nihon goshin aikido ..directed under shihan richard Bowe,taught by sensei macewen since 1980,6 time hall of fame inductee,IFOJJ awarded samurai and daito receipent .I was on the original nga demo team at age 7,was first to acheive blackbelt at age 16(nga rules)youngest to be promoted to san-dan (3rd degree blackbelt).opened up dojo in january 2011. i still train wit sensei macewen weekly and go to blackbelt required classes monthly,I do numerous seminars and demos wit sensei macewen. I have also represented the art at functions wit mike depasqual jr (IFOJJ),taught aikido out side of the us..teach law enforcement ,lawers,doctors ,men women children,i will teach any one who inquires,the way i was taught is the way i teach it can check out my videos on youtube (nihon goshin aikido hamilton,ngaikidodojo,christtommy702)or on facebook... aikido dojo tommy hamilton .......