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(3 December 1902-13 April 1994). Used the following names: Kitamatsumaru (1902), Yoichiro (1909), Yoshiharu (1920), Seisho (1940), Hoken (1948), Teruyoshi (1971), Noriaki (1973). B. Tanabe. Nephew of Morihei UESHIBA. Raised in the home of latter in TANABE. Also lived in Hokkaido with Ueshiba as a youth. Collaborated with his uncle in spreading of AIKI BUDO during the pre-war period. Eventually the two parted ways. Taught his art as AIKI BUDO until 1956 when it was changed to SHINWA TAIDO, which later became SHIN'EI TAIDO. Interviewed AN#73-75.

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