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(2 March 1933-9 July 2010). 8th dan Aikikai. B. Osaka Prefecture. Entered the AIKIKAI HOMBU DOJO as an UCHIDESHI c. 1953. Tamura was one of the favorite UKE of Morihei UESHIBA and is seen in many films being thrown by the founder. In 1964, Tamura was dispatched by the Aikikai to France (Marseille). In 1973, along with Hiroo MOCHIZUKI and Andre NOCQUET, he created a "national method" as a means of improving and standardizing technical quality in France. Over the years, he has acquired a large following and is the leading figure in the FEDERATION FRANCAISE D'AIKIDO ET DE BUDO. Tamura travels extensively and has established affiliated dojos and sister organizations in such countries as Italy, West Germany, the U.K., Belgium, Switzerland and Sweden. He thus wields tremendous influence in Europe in both technical and organizational areas. He is the author of two books in French on aikido (see bilbl.).

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