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(b. 5 February 1940). Also T.K. 8th dan Aikikai (1978). B. Tokyo. Professional aikido instructor. Entered the AIKIKAI HOMBU DOJO as an UCHIDESHI in February 1958. Promoted to 3rd dan in 1960. Assigned to Nagoya in 1961 to assist in the establishment of an Aikikai dojo. Received 4th dan in 1962 while an instructor at the Aikikai. Also taught at the Kokugakuin, the Self-Defense Force, Kogaku Kan and Aichi Daigakuin universities. Chiba was appointed official representative of the Aikikai for the U. K. in January 1966. He formed the Aikikai of Great Britain which received Aikikai approval that same October. Chiba's promotion to 6th dan came in 1970. Also, in that year, in an effort to unify instruction, he introduced a FUKU SHIDOIN and a SHIDOIN system where he taught his senior students a basic teaching curriculum for dissemination to their own students. Chiba, moreover, began to introduce training in the use of the JO and KEN as taught by Morihiro SAITO. His grading syllabus adopted in 1974 made aiki weapons a requisite for higher ranks. During his stay in the U.K., Chiba also invited many of his contemporary instructors in Europe to conduct seminars in the U.K. He also traveled widely to other European nations to instruct. He returned to Japan in 1976. leaving Minoru KANETSUKA as his successor. In Japan, he assumed the office of Secretary of the Aikikai Hombu Dojo, International Division, and played an active role in the creation of the INTERNATIONAL AIKIDO FEDERATION. Chiba was appointed Assistant General Secretary of the IAF in 1976. He relocated to San Diego, California in 1981 at the invitation of UNITED STATES AIKIDO FEDERATION to establish the San Diego Aikikai and head the Western Region of that federation. Chiba has recently formed an international aikido federation known as the Birankai which also incorporates training in Batto-ho/Iaido. He is known for his powerful technique. See AN#73, #102, and #103.

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