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(b. c. 1951). 7th dan Aikikai (2011), 7th dan Iwama Aikido. Senior representative of Iwama Aikido in Italy. Dentist. Began study of jujutsu in 1969; first taught aikido by Motokage KAWAMUKAI the same year receiving 1st dan in 1977. Later studied under Hirokazu KOBAYASHI being awarded 2nd dan in 1979. Subsequently trained with Andr� NOCQUET in France and, in 1983, became president and technical director of the UNIONE ITALIANA AIKIDO, an association affiliated with Nocquet's Union Nationale Europ�ene d'Aikido. Published his first book on aikido the same year. First traveled to Iwama Dojo of Morihiro SAITO in 1984. Invited Saito to conduct seminar in February 1985 in Italy. Thereafter, Saito made successive visits to Italy each year through 2001. Corallini trained in Iwama a total of 23 times. Founded Iwama Ryu Italy, an association of YUDANSHA linked to Saito, in 1985. This organization the name changed its name to the Takemusu Aikido Association Italy (T.A.A.I.) in 2002. Received 5th dan from Saito in 1988 together with five bukiwaza (weapon) transmission scrolls conferring authorization to award Iwama Ryu and Aikikai taijutsu and weapons ranking. Named official representative of Saito. Appointed National Technical Consultant of the Aikido Section of F.I.L.P.J.K. (C.O.N.I.), an Italian federation overseeing the martial arts and the Olympics. Awarded 7th dan Iwama Aikido by Saito in May 2001. Regularly conducts aikido seminars in Italy and throughout Europe. Author of Aikido Iwama Ryu in 1998 and Iwama Ryu Aikido in 1999.

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