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(22 August 1871-19 January 1948). Born Kisaburo Ueda; also known as Wanisaburo. B. Kameoka. Became primary school teacher at age 12. Met Nao DEGUCHI, founder of OMOTO RELIGION in 1898 and quickly became a significant figure in the propagation of the new sect. Deguchi married Nao's daughter Sumiko (Sumi) in 1900 and was adopted into the family, assuming the name of Onisaburo Deguchi. After the death of Nao in 1918, Onisaburo became the central figure of the religion which attracted ever-increasing numbers of converts. He met Morihei UESHIBA in December 1919 while the latter was returning to TANABE to his father's deathbed. Imprisoned on several occasions when the Omoto sect was persecuted by the military government. Spent from 1935-1942 in prison. After release and until his death produced thousands of highly-regarded ceramic pieces. Buried in Tenno-Daira in AYABE.

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