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AIKI NEWS 合気ニュース

A politically independent, quarterly publication dealing with aikido, Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu, traditional jujutsu and cognate martial arts, which contains interviews, historical and biographical articles, and current events. Established in April 1974 by Stanley A. PRANIN, current editor-in-chief and publisher. It presently has readers in more than 30 countries. Numbers 1 to 29 were printed in newsletter style in English; numbers 30 to 83 appeared in bilingual (English-Japanese) format; publication of two separate editions, in English and Japanese languages, began in Spring 1990 (No. 84). Aiki News adopts a neutral stance toward existing political organizations, and presents diverse viewpoints on the subjects treated. Publisher of books on aikido-related topics. Markets a large video tape collection including many films of aikido founder Morihei UESHIBA and aikido and Daito-ryu teachers. Editor-in-Chief, Stanley PRANIN; Japanese editor, Ikuko KIMURA; English editor, Diane BAUERLE.

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