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Record of famous names. Refers to the attendance books kept by masters of various disciplines containing the names, dates of attendance or study, and usually the location of the training. The eimeiroku of Sokaku TAKEDA are particularly significant and contain the names of such prominent figures as Morihei UESHIBA, Kotaro YOSHIDA, Taiso HORIKAWA, Yukiyoshi SAGAWA, Kodo HORIKAWA, and Takuma HISA. According to one of Sokaku's sons, Munemitsu, several books of Takeda's eimeiroku were burned along with some of his personal belongings when his body was cremated upon his death in 1943. Thus, the number of books lost and their percentage of the total number kept by Sokaku Takeda is not known at present. Morihei Ueshiba also kept an eimeiroku in the KOBUKAN DOJO period but these records have not been made accessible to researchers. The eimeiroku of Sokaku Takeda should be contrasted with his SHAREIROKU which include similar information except that the amount paid to him by the individual is mentioned while the length of time studied is not. A comparative study of these two series of documents allows certain information gaps due to missing records to be clarified.

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