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(1915-1 December 1985). 8th dan judo. Began judo training at age 14. Received 2nd dan from DAI NIHON BUTOKUKAI at age 15. Promoted to 4th dan in 1933 and then 5th dan in 1934 by the Butokukai, said to be the youngest holder of the latter rank at this time. Graduated in 1937 from Butokukai Judo College in Kyoto. Won overall trophy in All-Japan East-West competition and captured 5th dan championship in TENRANJIAI judo tournament also in 1937. Promoted to 6th dan in 1938 and 7th dan in 1945. Chief Instructor of Kyoto Police and Doshisha University beginning in 1949. Became editor of Japanese Judo Magazine in 1951. Moved to England in 1955 and established the Abbe Judo School in 1956. Founded British Judo Council in 1958 and became Founder and President of the International Butokukai in 1960. Abbe is credited as the first to teach aikido in the U. K. He also brought over Tadashi ABE from France to conduct a series of aikido seminars. He remained in U. K. until 1964 when he returned to Tokyo for the Olympics