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4th dan Tomiki Aikido-JAA. Aikido instructor. Began training in England c. 1967 under John GAY, and later Tsunemitsu Naito. Emigrated to Australia in 1969 in answer to a request from judoka Frank Dando for an aikido instructor. During several trips to Japan, she studied under Kenji TOMIKI, Hideo OHBA and Senta YAMADA, and hosted visits to Australia by Tomiki in 1977, and Ohba in 1981. Founding member of the Australian Aikido Association, established 1971; now separated from that organization and leader of the Aikido School of Melbourne, founded in 1988 which emphasizes the self-defense techniques she learned from Tomiki. Aikido School of Melbourne, c/o Leoni Gay, 7 Warra Road, Upwey, Victoria 3158 Australia.