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(b. 8 August 1955). 6th dan Tomiki Aikido-JAA, 1990 [rank authenticated]. High school English teacher. Graduate of Waseda University, where he began aikido under Kenji TOMIKI and Hideo OHBA in 1974 as a member of the WASEDA UNIVERSITY AIKIDO CLUB. All-Japan Student Champion, 1978; National Workers Champion, 1983 and 1985. In November of 1979, went to England and Europe where he taught for the next 3 years, largely in association with Dr. Ah Loi LEE. During his travels he also visited America, Asia and Africa. Presently Coach of the Waseda University Aikido Club, under Director Shogo YAMAGUCHI, Director of the Sugamo High School Aikido Club, and International Manager of the JAPAN AIKIDO ASSOCIATION. Mr. Itsuo Haba, JAA International Manager, Mezon Takano no. 2-301, 7-38-5 Higashi Oizumi, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 178 Japan (03)978-3058.