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(b. 25 September 1955). 6th dan Aikikai. Aikido instructor. B.A. in Japanese from University of California at Berkeley. Fluent in Japanese. First taught by Danielle Molles EVANS and Stanley PRANIN in Monterey, California c. 1975. Spent altogether six years as a private UCHIDESHI in Japan at the IWAMA DOJO under Morihiro SAITO starting 1977. Authorized by Saito Sensei to administer weapons certification examinations on his behalf. Teaches internationally as well as all over the United States, particularly known for her knowledge of AIKI KEN and AIKI JO and their relationship to unarmed practice. Full-time instructor for over 25 years and heads Division 1 of the CALIFORNIA AIKIDO ASSOCIATION. Founder of Aikido of San Leandro.

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