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(b. 12 December 1941). 6th dan Aikikai, 1977; 6th dan iaido and Renshi-Dai Nihon Butokukai Zen Nihon Iaido Renmei, 1965. B. Nerima, Tokyo. B. A. in Microeconomics from Toyo University. First taught by Shoji NISHIO at AIKIKAI HOMBU DOJO in 1955. Entered Toyo University in 1961 where he started an aikido club and became its instructor. After graduation in 1965, Ichimura was employed by the Taiseikoga Co. , Ltd. He became an Aikikai instructor in May 1966 and was dispatched to Scandanavia as an official representative. Ichimura arrived in Sweden on 4 September 1966. Based in Uppsala, he also traveled extensively around Sweden and taught in Finland, Denmark and Poland. Ichimura authored books in Swedish on aikido in 1973 and 1982. He also taught macrobiotics and kotodama. Ichimura returned to Japan in 1986 and is no longer active.