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An international aikido organization established in 1990 whose purpose is to promote and oversee the development of YOSHINKAN AIKIDO as taught by Gozo SHIODA. The federation has a flat, loose structure in contrast to previous large-scale aikido organizations which have been set up as pyramidal structures. The major architect of the organizational guidelines was Fred HAYNES who was appointed by Shioda for the task. Resistance to the plan was initially encountered from Takashi KUSHIDA, the major Yoshinkan figure in the U. S. , who was subsequently dismissed from the Yoshinkan on 1 August 1990. The federation has otherwise been favorably viewed and has attracted a number of former or loosely-associated Yoshinkan practitioners back to the mother organization. International Yoshinkai Aikido Federation, Kami Ochiai 2-28-8, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 161 Japan (03)368-5556.