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(1911-1986). B. Yuasa-machi, Wakayama Prefecture. First taught by Morihei UESHIBA at the Takanawa Sengakuji Dojo (c. 1929) and later trained at the KOBUKAN DOJO as an UCHIDESHI. Also worked in the dojo office performing various clerical and accounting tasks. Later active in KAMEOKA and TAKEDA town dojos within the context of the BUDO SEN'YOKAI. In 1933, Kamata entered the Wakayama 6th Regiment of the Imperial Army. Upon his release from the military in 1938, he relocated to Shanghai where he became an ice dealer. During his stay in Shanghai he also assisted Ikkusai IWATA who operated an aikido dojo. After World War II, Kamata lived in Osaka and worked as a leather goods dealer. In 1977, he moved to Ueda City in Nagano Prefecture. Interviewed AN#49.

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