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(1860-1938). Founder of judo. Synthesized elements of old-style jujutsu schools especially Kito-ryu and TENJIN SHIN'YO-RYU JUJUTSU with his own principles and philosophy of education to create modern judo which became an Olympic sport in 1964. In 1882 Kano established his famous KODOKAN Judo Dojo which was the center from which judo spread to all parts of Japan and eventually became an international sport. Kano was appointed as the first Asian member of the International Olympic Committee in 1909. He observed a demonstration by Morihei UESHIBA in October 1930 and, highly impressed, dispatched several of his high-ranking judoka including Minoru MOCHIZUKI to study with Ueshiba. Kano also strongly influenced Kenji TOMIKI. He died of illness aboard ship on return to Japan in May 1938. See AN#54-55 interviews of Mochizuki, and autobiography, serialized beginning AN#80.

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