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(1926-23 November 1984). Graduate in law of Waseda University. Began aikido in Osaka in August 1942 and then spent time as an UCHIDESHI in the IWAMA Dojo during World War II. Abe relocated to France in 1952 to study law at the Sorbonne and also taught aikido in the judo dojo of Mikinosuke KAWAISHI. He remained for several years and became one of the pioneers of aikido in France. Abe authored two early books on aikido in French which contain hundreds of technical photos revealing an art more akin to AIKI BUDO than modern aikido. Wrote widely distributed and stinging response to Koichi TOHEI's letter of May 1974 after the latter's resignation from the AIKIKAI, in which he criticized Tohei for lack of gratitude and originality.

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