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(7 January 1932-17 June 1995). 6th dan Shinshin Toitsu Aikido. Professional aikido instructor. Born in Hawaii and raised in Japan by his grandfather, a Buddhist priest. After three years of military service, he began training in 1957 in Hawaii. Kobayashi first trained in aikido under Yukiso Yamamoto, Kazuto Sugimoto and Isao TAKAHASHI at the Hawaii Aikikai. He then trained under Koichi TOHEI starting in 1961. He received his 1st dan in 1962, 2nd dan in 1965, and 3rd dan in 1966. Kobayashi relocated to Southern California in the early 1960s where he has played a major role in the development of the art in this region. He became a full-time professional aikido instructor in the fall of 1968 and a 4th dan shortly thereafter. He served as the president and chief instructor of the California Aikido Federation and Western States Aikido Federation through 1974. He was promoted to 5th dan by Tohei in January 1972 and 6th dan in September 1973. Kobayashi became a lecturer at the Physical Education Department of California State University, Fullerton in 1972 and began teaching courses in aikido. He was appointed Koshi (full lecturer) of the KI NO KENKYUKAI and received an Okuden certificate in January 1973. He sided with Tohei at the time of the latter's separation from AIKIKAI HOMBU DOJO in May 1974 and became Chief Lecturer of Ki Development and Chief Instructor of SHINSHIN TOITSU AIKIDO of the Ki Society, Western USA in May 1974. Kobayashi resigned from the Ki Society International in March 1981 and established his own system called SEIDOKAN AIKIDO. In February 1989 organized the Seidokan Institute, Inc. , a non-profit corporation, whose aim is the spread of the principles of Seidokan Aikido without the practice of self-defense arts. Aikido Institute of America, 2235 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027 USA (213)667-2428, (213)861-0043. Yasuo Kobayashi (1985)

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