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A pre-war legal entity created on 30 April 1940 for the KOBUKAN DOJO and the predecessor of ZAIDAN HOJIN AIKIKAI. The first chairman was retired Admiral Isamu TAKESHITA with General Katsura Hayashi as vice chairman. Among the board members were Count Fumimaro KONOE, Count Toshitame Maeda, Takuo Godo, Kinya Fujita, Kozaburo Okada, Kenji TOMITA, and Kenzo FUTAKI and other well-known people.

The existence of the Kobukai Foundation gave the dojo a legal identity and facilitated the handling of finances and management tasks. This organization was disbanded at the end of the war by the GHQ but was revived as the ZAIDAN HOJIN AIKIKAI which received official approval in 1948.